Nazareth College Gallery Opening and Backyard Visitor

Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate this holiday!

Last Friday, I went to Pat Pauly’s solo exhibit opening at Nazareth College’s Art Center.  It was great to see old friends and quite exciting to see so many of Pat’s quilts hanging in one location.  Here is a picture of one of my favorites from the show:


It’s pretty obvious to me that I have color preferences.  The quilt featured yesterday and today’s quilt have all warm toned shades.  I definitely gravitate towards warm tones.  The 70’s with all that orange furniture, carpet and accessories were my decade.  😉  

I have made some cool toned quilts – mostly for my daughter’s home.  And I do make clothes for myself in the cool shades as those colors look good against my skin tone, but my heart belongs to red, orange, and yellow – all the warm, excitable colors on the color wheel. 

This summer my goal is to try deconstructed screen printing, and maybe I can talk myself into using some blue dyes.  Those are the dye jars that are practically full.  😉

And here is another picture I wanted to share with you:


This little one visits us daily and has taking a liking to my lilac bushes.  If he keeps this up, we won’t have to trim any this year. 



2 Responses to “Nazareth College Gallery Opening and Backyard Visitor”

  1. Billie McCray Says:

    I loved looking at the pictures. My favorite piece is the one made with a pattern of hands of children from a church. It is awesome. I am a fib er artists and I make quilts, wall hangings, dolls(detergent) bottles and fabric, birds (all kind) bears, purses, button jewelry, pincushions, baskets (clothesline rope and…) I don’t have a site, but if you go on the iternet and input:, Billie Mccray there should be 6 pictures of some of my work related to an article done by the Times Union, a newspaper in Jacksonville Florida. Keep of the goood work and have fun!

    • dianemiller Says:

      Hi Billie, I followed the links and loved reading the article about your artwork. Thank-you for sharing that information. Hugs…

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