RAFA’s July 2011 Meeting

RAFA’s monthly meeting was last week and Show and Tell was wonderful, plus the afternoon monoprinting workshop taught by Beth Brandekamp was a lot of fun. 

Caren is teaching a class on threadpainting and brought her class sample to show:


Caren does beautiful thread painting and currently has a piece in the juried show in Cazenovia I mentioned in a previous post.

Donna had a lot of pieces to share with us, but I particularly loved this jacket:

She used a pleater to gather the trim fabric, and then dyed it.  It complimented the jacket perfectly.

Liz had a lot of jackets.  Some were from her dyed fabric and some were from old tablecloths.  I really like the appeal of the old tablecloth inspired jackets, and here is a picture of one of them:

Elaine is making a fabric book and brought a page.  This is the front:

And this is the back:

She took a photo, manipulated it in a paint program,  printed out a few versions on fabric, then selected one she liked and created a pieced rendition.  I absolutely loved that page. 

Sharon made a graduation quilt for a family member:

I loved how the blue fabric transitioned across the background, and her piecing was spot on.  Sharon also decided to monoprint one of her tops:

Julia had some fabric that was treated to develop a print when exposed to sunlight.  She was a little leery about it printing as it was a year old, but her prints came out great.  This was my favorite:

Glynis made a quilt inspired by a quilt I made from an internet workshop:

She quilted it extensively, and that in turn has inspired me to redo my quilt.  It needs lots more quilting on it.

Glynis also made lots of striped monoprints and this one reminded me of a field of grapes:

 I think a glass of wine should be in the photo too.  LOL

And Val made some wonderful monoprints too.  She was smart to bring some predyed fabric and created this lovely print:

Personally, I think all it needs is to be quilted.  The design is perfect just the way it is. 

And last but not least is a piece of felted lace:

I’m really sorry, but my memory is taking a break, and I can’t remember the name of the talented artist who created this.  I’ll ask and post it as soon as I find out.

I hope you enjoy seeing these photos of some of the projects from our last meeting. 



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