Monroe County Fair – Quilt Judging

Sunday, I was one of the Home Art Judges in the Quilting division for our upcoming Monroe County Fair.  I’ve been a quilt judge before, but this was my first time judging for the fair. 

It was a hot, humid day, but the judges were all happy to be there, and chatted with each other before we got to work.   The fair organizers kindly provided iced bottled water and snacks.  It was very much appreciated.

There were long tables set up throughout the main building with all the entries on them.  These were the quilt tables:

All the judges had critique forms to evaluate the work on multiple aspects, and we took our time, writing comments for each quilt.  Hopefully, this will encourage the entrants to continue quilting, and continue submitting their pieces to the fair.

Here is a picture of Elaine and Bonnie busy judging a sewing category:

And these handsome gentlemen were judging the entries for the fine art photography category:

There is a funny story behind this photo.  I went to take the photo, and had forgotten I turned off my camera, and had put the lens cap back on.  Well, you don’t want to try and take a photo of photography judges with the lens cap on.   It was promptly pointed out to me that the lens cap was on the camera.  Duh!!! I laughed and got on with taking the photo, but was so flustered I forgot to ask their names.  

We were all asked if we’d like to be judges again next year, and we all said yes.  Judy and Bev did a marvelous job organizing the pieces, and were excellent communicators.  Everyone knew where they had to be, and what they should be doing.  It can’t have been easy setting this up, and now I realize just how much volunteer work goes into making our county fair a success.  Thank-you ladies for doing such a terrific job.



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