Fabric Acquisition

My local quilt store is closing and they have been having some very good sales.  I stayed strong until last week.  Fat quarters were $1 each and some were packaged 5 to a bag for $4.  I broke down and came home with this:

Yes, I know I have enough fabric to last for several life times, but what the heck, a little more can’t hurt, and I haven’t purchased any cotton fabric in a very long time.  Notice I qualified that by calling it cotton fabric, as I have purchased quite a bit of silk fabric this year for crazy quilting.   What can I say?  It’s who I am.  I’m a textile collector.  I’m not hurting anybody, I’m helping the economy, and it makes me happy.

Not that I have to justify my purchases – now wouldn’t that just be so sad –  but I just so happened to start making a new purse for myself yesterday.  See, I do use some of my fabric.  😉 

I remember the good old days, when I whipped one of these out quickly.  Those days are long gone.  Yesterday I cut out all the pieces and stabilizers.  I also cleaned my steam iron.  It was a mess after my last project. No matter how careful I am using teflon sheets and pressing clothes with fusibles, I always manage to get some of the gunky stuff on my iron.  Cleaning an iron is a stinky process indeed, but my iron was positively sparkling afterwards ready for today’s work.

This morning I spent almost 2 hours fusing all the pieces, and realized I forgot to cut out 2 pieces.   A hot steam iron wielded on a summer day, no breakfast to give me strength, and having to get the bolt of fabric out again to cut those forgotten pieces made for one very cranky person. 

I LOVE sewing.  I HATE all the prep you have to do before you get to the sewing part of a project.  Am I the only one who feels that way? 

I do love this purse though – The Nappy Bag by Amy Butler – and now that all the fusing is complete, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to the fun part tomorrow.  There is something about turning on my sewing machine and see it do its magic that soothes my spirit.  Is it the hypnotic rhythm of the needle?  The reliable motor working away?  The ease of a seam being completed?  Who knows?  It is almost like meditation for me.  It puts me in a good place, and I’ll get a wonderful purse from my sewing machine. 

You know how a lot of women talk about giving birth?  How the labor was rotten, but they forgot all about it when they got to hold their baby for the first time?  Well, finishing my purse will be a bit like that.  I’ll forget all about the hot steam iron, all about forgetting to cut out all the pieces, and just be happy when my finished purse is birthed. 



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