The Nappy Bag is Completed

The Nappy Bag – AKA my purse of choice is completed.  I made every mistake you could possibly make with this purse from cutting multiple extra pattern pieces –  one BIG exterior piece was cut on the fold, but with the pattern piece turned around – to sewing seams, thinking I made a mistake, ripping the seam out – black stitch by black stitch on dark fabric -only to realize I didn’t make a mistake, and having to resew the seam.

Now this is actually a really easy bag to make, but I was doing way too many little steps after midnight.  No more after midnight pattern cutting or sewing for me.  Here is a picture of it:

It was taken hanging from a chandelier – despite objections from a very worried husband.  He thought the whole chandelier was going to come down.  It might have if the purse was full, but it was totally empty.  I was having a bad hair day, or I’d have posed with it over my shoulder. 

I realize you can’t see much from the photo, but there is a neat cell phone pocket on the outside, and there are 4 pockets on the inside – just the right amount for my usage.  The original pattern has 8 pockets, and they would come in handy if the bag was used as intended, but this is my second go around with this pattern, and I adjusted it to fit my needs. 

Those of us who sew are well and truly spoiled.  We have the ablility to customize everything we make and wear.  I am so glad my grandmother taught me how to use a sewing machine, and would she ever be surprised by all the bells and whistles they have now.



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