Round Tuit # 1 Follow Up

Yesterday I made another Moonflowers block:

This one is pieced much more accurately than the first one.  All my corners meet, and while the center is not perfect, it’s as perfect as I’m going to make it by machine – any machine.  The jury is in – it is not my sewing ability in question.  My little inexpensive Janome can chain piece much more accurately than my mega expensive Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0.  I’m pretty sure the reason is Pfaff changed the feed dog system with this machine because they came out with a Pfaff Creative Vision 5.5 edition next, and everybody who has that edition says it pieces much better.

I should not have given up on the feed dog problem when I first discovered this, but I did stop pursuing a fix to the problem, so I have nobody to blame but myself for settling.  The Creative Vision does a lot of other things that my little Janome doesn’t, and does it beautifully well, so I will now use the Pfaff for machine embroidery only.

The reason I hadn’t been using my Janome more often is this:


That little machine is inside the cabinet, behind the ironing board, and under the mess.  No more.  I cleared off everything on top of the cabinet, and moved the ironing table out of the way.  Now I’ll be able to accurately chain piece again.  Happy days!!!



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