Round Tuit # 2

I’m on a roll with these Round Tuits.   In fact, I had finished the second one before I finished the second part of the first one.  How about that for a confusing sentence? 

Both parts of the first one were completed using my sewing machine, and I started the second one in between while I was “watching” TV at night with my hubby.  We do like sitting in the same room in the evening, so I do handwork then.

Round Tuit # 2 was trying out the Mile a Minute crochet stitch.  Would you believe I had printed out the instructions sometime in the 90’s and when I finally tackled a pile of papers, I found the print out?  Sad but true.  In fact, if you really want to know how bad I am about getting Round Tuit, there was paperwork printed in the 80’s in the same pile. 

Anyway, I successfully followed the directions, and disliked the pattern so much, I didn’t take a picture of it, and ripped it out so I could reuse the thread for another project.   If I peaked your interests about the Mile a Minute crochet stitch, you can find plenty of information on the stitch from googling it.  My instructions went promptly to the recycle bin – along with another 2 pounds, yes 2 pounds of paperwork.  I got through one entire pile, but I’m not confessing how many other piles are laying around patiently waiting for their turn. 





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