RAFA August 2011 Meeting

Today was also our monthly RAFA meeting.  Lots of members attended Quilting by The Lake and shared their work.

Judy – a guest and first time dyer – took one of Jane Dunnewold’s classes:

When I saw that piece of fabric, I was amazed at what a first time dyer accomplished.  I love that piece of fabric.  She had lots more and so did Caris, but that piece blew me away.  Both Judy and Caris said that Jane was a wonderful teacher too.

Janet took a class with Katie Pasquini Masopust and painted on canvas then stitched the pieces together.  I don’t have any pictures of those, but they were wonderful and she spoke highly of Katie’s teaching.  I’m pretty sure Beth got some good pictures of those pieces though, so I recommend that you visit her blog

Janet also took a class with Mary Ellen Kranz.  It was Quilts with Something to Say, and the following one was my favorite:

Can you see it says “sing”?  The colors were lovely and the word appeals to me on so many levels.  It could relate to a person because they enjoy the actual activity of singing.  Personally, I took it as a mantra to sing with joy everyday of your life.  Just the thought of singing makes me feel like soaring through the adversities that life sometimes brings.

A few other members took Judi Blaydon’s class. You Like Tomato and I like Tomato.  Some liked it, some didn’t.  You had to make one block over and over in predetermined value placements.  There are no pictures from that class, as Judy requested that no photos be placed on blogs. 

Sarah took Elements that Please taught by Anna Hergert.  This is one of the pieces that came out of that class:


Sarah does a wonderful job with everything she makes, and it would behoove the powers that be at Quilting by the Lake to approach her about teaching.

That’s the end of QBL Show and Tell.  Now onto regularly scheduled activies.  😉  Val shared a felted piece with all of us:

There are actual beach stones felted into that fabric.  She lives by the lake, picked some beach stones up, and felted them in her piece.  It added wonderful texture, and I’m in awe of her creativity.

Anne knit a necklace:

She purchased a kit from seeing this project on Ravelry.  She said it was a fast knit, and it looked great.  It has wool in it though, and that is the last thing I’d want around my neck during the summer.  I’m sure my feelings were influenced by our hot, humid meeting room.  We don’t have AC in our meeting room, and it was 80 today with high humidity.  

There was an afternoon class on flour resist dyeing, but I headed home for some nice cool, dry air, and can’t wait to see what everyone will bring next month for show and tell.  There should be lots of loverly flour resist dyed pieces. 



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