Round Tuit # 3 Update

Slowly but surely, my convergence quilt is coming along:


These are the 2 right side quadrants completed, and all I can say is I did something funky with the bottom one because it was a royal pain in the you know where, to get those points meeting.  It is extemely humid here – even with the dehumidifier in the house going, I can’t get the humidity level below 70% – and I think the sizing I put on the fabric is dissolving.

The discharged bleach fabric, and the black/light grey leaf print are staying nice and crisp.  The purple, and the yellow leaf print fabric are limp as can be, and stretching like crazy.  The yellow leaf print is the worst.  I even tried using 2 doses of sizing, and that didn’t help.  Then I switched to Mary Ellen’s Best Press – the clear starch alternative – and that isn’t any better.  This fabric was  cut on the grain line, so that wasn’t the problem either.

What I’ve learned from this is all cotton fabric is not created equal.  I’d test my fabric before I got involved in another convergence quilt to make sure there were no loosie goosies in the mix. 

I put a bunch of books and magazines on ebay this morning, so if anybody is interested in a good buy, just follow this link and you’ll be able to see what I listed. 

And, last but not least, I went to an auction over the weekend and purchased an antique crazy quilt.  I’ll start blogging about that tomorrow or Friday – with good close up photos of the gorgeous embroidery.



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