Crazy Quilt I

Yeah, the sun came out today.  I was able to take some photos of the antique crazy quilt I purchased Saturday:


This quilt was made by Sarah Dusenbury in the 1800’s.  She was born in 1832 and lived in a two story brick Colonial home built in 1828 at 408 Dewey Street,  Churchville, NY.  She painted self portraits, and did exquisite embroidery. Her residence and the velvets, silks, lace and brocade fabric used to make this quilt are a good indication that the family was well off. 

The house has had several owners over the years, and is well kept up.  I’ve been a guest many times and enjoyed seeing the painted stencils on the walls in the hallway, original wood floors, brick kitchen floor, and original staircase.  There is a dining room and parlor in the front of the house, with a small birthing room off the parlor.   I can just imagine Sarah walking through this home, and stitching by the windows in the front parlor.  The fireplace would have kept her warm in the winter, and the south and west windows would have brought a pleasant breeze in the summer.

I’ll be sharing close-up photos over the next few days, so you can enjoy seeing the quilt section by section. It measures 30″ wide x 61″ long, and the solid border fabric was intact until it was hung by binder clips on a clothesline for the auction.  It broke my heart when it was taken down and I saw the stressed fabric had shredded. 

On a happier note, here is a picture of a recent visitor:


My poor wee 4′ Pee Gee Hydrangea tree.  Here I was blaming my husband’s spring tree pruning session for the lack of flowers, and it’s been this little darling who’s to fault.  As you can see,  the branches have been clipped all around the tree, and the leaves are scarce – just at that height.  It’s no wonder.  That fawn first dined on one side of the tree, then moved over a bit for the next succulent bite until something scared it away.  When I went outside, I noticed all the branches at “fawn height” had been subject to fawn pruning – not husband pruning. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little visitor as much as I did.



3 Responses to “Crazy Quilt I”

  1. Ruby Says:

    Gorgeous quilt. So nice to know some history of the maker. Your visitor is very pretty. Hope she lets your hydrangea grow some!

  2. Sharon Griffith Says:

    This is very lovely and I look forward to seeing the rest of it. Love hearing the history behind it….yeah for you

  3. Wilma Says:

    Beautiful Crazy Quilt Diane, and how lovely that you know the story of the maker also.

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