Crazy Quilt III

Today I’m sharing 2 more close up photos from Sarah’s quilt:

That big lace square isn’t really lace.  Would you believe it’s a print?  When I saw it at the auction, I thought it was a nice piece of lace.  It certainly fooled my eye.  Did it fool you too?  I had to actually touch it to realize it was a print.  Sarah embroidered a black border around the fabric patch, and then stacked stitches again by adding a second pattern in white.

I love that fabric print and noticed there is a paisley in the upper part of it.  The flower in the center inspires me to recreate this on one of my crazy quilt blocks with crewel embroidery in the middle or maybe I’ll bling it out with beads and sequins.

On the upper right, there is a straight tree branch look and it is embroidered with the same light lavendar that was used for the floral print. 

Below that strip is a piece of silk that has been transformed to look like a print.  The laid thread work is kept in place by the tiny lavendar stitch to transform a plain silk into a pattern.  It looks like a whole cloth print, but is all done by embroidery stitches.

The two floral strips are either purchased embroidered ribbons or printed fabric.  I can’t tell for sure, but I’m leaning towards them being embroidered ribbons.  The fabric is not as heavy as the others used in the quilt, but I’m not really sure.  Sarah embroidered very close stitches around the edges of both these strips.  The blue has a stem stitch border in black and the cream strip border was done with a very find thread and very closely placed stem stitch then with another border added to extend the patch into the cherry fabric. 

The cherry fabric is one of two fabrics that is shattering in the embroidered panel area.  I love the embroidered spray she added to that fabric, and she used multiple colors. 

And here is the second photo:

That black velvet on the left is still in excellent condition and I love the braid look on the upper section.  If you haven’t got purchased braid, you can always embroider an edge to make it look like it has a braid trim.  More embroidered sprays and the patch under it is a textured silk with multi colors stacked embroidery stitches on the top and with tone on tone shell embroidery on the bottom of the piece. 

I’m pretty sure the diagonal floral strip is a ribbon, and Sarah has embroidered along both edges – again using different stitches and different patterns.  The first is a fine stem stitch all around it and did you see the thread bow at the top. That is the thread she used for the fine stem stitch.  The upper edge has one more embroidery technique, but the bottom edge has two more stitches used and each one is a different color. 

The black leaf print fabric has been left to shine and but the bottom right edge has more stacked stitches and 3 colors.  I really like how she added black to this border. 

The more I examine this quilt, the more I’m getting the urge to honor Sarah’s memory by making a reproduction of this piece.  I haven’t decided for sure yet, but when I start dreaming about a project, it usually ends up being made.   Guess what I’ve been dreaming about?



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