RAFA October 2011 Meeting

Lots has been going on in my life which interferred with blogging, but I’m baaaack.  😉

Yesterday was our Rochester Area Fiber Arts meeting and Show and Tell was wonderful.  Janet made this gorgeous jacket:

And Julia embellished a jean jacket she purchased:

Sue made a really cute purse:

I really like that purse and will most likely be buying the pattern – especially since it comes in different sizes.  It is a Bella Nonna pattern, but I haven’t googled it to find out which one yet.

Donna hardly ever makes art quilts but she surprised us with one yesterday:

I’m thrilled the picture shows so much of the detail.  You can double click on the picture and it will enlarge for you so you can see it better.  There are lots of interesting bits and pieces on that art quilt.  She laminated some of the pieces, used a heat gun, plus used lots of other techniques that I didn’t catch.  Donna is fearless when it comes to working with fibers.

All the next pictures are from a felted fabric workshop.  I wish you could feel these pieces.  They are light and drapeable – not what you think of when you think of felted fabric. 

This is Barb’s:

And this is Val’s:

And this is what Anne made with her felted fabric:

Is that vest not drop dead gorgeous?  And how about the model?  Way to go Anne!!!



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