Round Tuit # 3 Convergence Quilt

Ta Da!!!  I finished piecing the top of my first Convergence Quilt:

And here’s a close up of my piecing:

Let me tell you, I had no problems with the first 3 quadrants, but created a real mess with the 4th quadrant.   I turned the fabric and cut the strip widths the wrong size.  I lost my nice central reflection.    Since this had a horizontal and vertical mirror image, I had to take it apart.

I had only made 4 of the discharged bleach fabric designs, so had to try and recreate the curved design.  7 attempts later – I kid you not – 7 attempts, I settled for a close enough version.

What I learned?  Make an extra piece of whatever technique you are using.  It doesn’t hurt and you can always use it for the back of the quilt. 

Also, make sure you have enought fabric.  I was down to the last fat quarter of the black fabric I used to create the discharged design, and not all black fabrics discharge to the same color. 

Hopefully, I’m back to blogging regularly.  I’ve had more tests and biopsies to last me for a good long time. I’m actually cancelling yet another test and round of biopisies this week because I need to recover from what has been done to me over the past 2 weeks.   A 10 pound loss in 12 hours, followed by another 3 pounds the next day, followed by a humdinger of a cold and cough, and I honest to God don’t care to have anymore tests until I feel more like myself. 



One Response to “Round Tuit # 3 Convergence Quilt”

  1. Kerry Says:

    This is gorgeous! I love the colours you have used!

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