Round Tuit 4 – 3 T-shirts Altered

Lots of progress is being made on my Round Tuit list.  2 years ago we went on a vacation to Florida and I purchased 3 t-shirts.   It was our first vacation in 20+ years, and I bought all sorts of stuff I shouldn’t have – including these t-shirts.  The necklines on 2 of them were too high for my tastes, and all 3 of them were way too long.   I knew it when I purchased them, but I thought, I can sew.   I can fix them.   Did I?  No, they hung in my closet until I decided it was time to clean my closet this week and donate, alter, or make rags out of what I don’t wear.

I’m proud to say the 3 t-shirts are now altered.  Yeah for me!!! 

The neat thing about these t-shirts is now I really like them.  Hemming them was a piece of cake.  And I used a technique that I commonly incorporated with my knitted sweaters.  I short rowed the front.  Translated for sewers, that means I made the hem a 1/2 longer in the front.  That little bit of extra length allows room for my bosom – isn’t that a polite term? – and my tummy, so that my hem hangs evenly all around now. 

I totally removed the neckline on one of them and hemmed it, but didn’t stretch the front enough, so it has a bit of gaposis, but not bad.  I bent over and nothing is revealed, so nobody will be blinded from viewing my pulchritude.  

For the second neckline, I just turned over the ribbing and sewed it down – effectly halving the ribbing.  That little hem worked great, and it looks good too. 

I also finished another Comfort Quilt for my quilt club:

It didn’t take long to make it, and I hope whoever receives it will enjoy it.  Since the print fabric is pink tulips, it will most likely go to a little girl. 



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