Round Tuit # 5 – The 3 Year – 9 State Sweater

This story should properly be told sitting around a campfire, listening to the Davy Crockett theme song in the background.  After all, this sweater traveled a lot of the same paths that Davy Crockett walked.   Here is the saga of how a short-sleeve lace sweater turned into a 3 year, 9 state project.

This was started in 2009 in New York for our Florida vacation, but was not completed in time, so it was brought along as my hand knitting project.  It was worked on in Virginia, Georgia and Florida in 2010.  As soon as we arrived home, I promptly put it away thinking I’d pick it up in the fall, and complete it before our next snow bird vacation.

Well, we all know what happens to best intentions.  They never materialize.  It was packed in our little RV yet again, for our 2011 trip to Arizona as my hand knitting project.  This time it was worked on in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas, and Arizona, and it still wasn’t completed when we arrived back home.  The difference this year was I did not put it away when we came back home.  It’s time had arrived.  Actually, it’s time to be completed was way overdue.  😉


This sweater is my own design The Bella Lace pattern and it’s the second time I’ve hand knit this – on size 2 knitting needles with a fine cotton thread.  I love this pattern.  It fits me well, and that’s why I keep on knitting it.



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