Round Tuit # 6 – Machine Knit Now Hand Knit Socks

Our home is a 3 bedroom home, but only the master bedroom has a bed in it.  One bedroom was my knitting studio with multiple knitting machines, a yarn tree, and a blocking table in it, and the other bedroom was my sewing studio.  Slowly but surely, both bedrooms are being used for sewing studios.  I’m down to one knitting machine – and that is in the closet – but still have an enormous inventory of yarn.  If I could move out some of the yarn, I’d actually be able to use my design wall again.  That is my goal for 2012. 

It is an extremely slow process.  I keep on getting diverted, and quite frankly will most likely never make a serious dent in my yarn collection, especially now that I’m using it to hand knit and am quite possibly the slowest hand knitter in the world. 

Case in point:

I started these socks over 5 years ago.  I know that because they were started on my 4.5mm knitting machine and that was sold over 5 years ago.  It’s my Penny Sock pattern that I give away here on my blog under Patterns,  so please enjoy knitting it.  It can be machine knit or hand knit.

Now that I’m concentrating on my Round Tuit projects, these socks floated to the surface.  Wouldn’t you know that I lost the hand knit lace pattern I was using for the instep?  Well, that took getting multiple pattern books out, and frogging 8 rows.  Frogging is a term knitters use when they have to rip out rows – rippit, rippit, rippit – the noise a frog makes??? 😉  Would you believe that took me a full day?  My age is showing.  I’d have figured it out in an hour years ago, BUT, I persisted, and finally figured out the pattern.  They will be my bring along hand knitting project when we travel in 2012, so you won’t be seeing a picture of the completed socks anytime soon.  LOL

It’s a beautiful rayon/merino wool blend yarn that I hand dyed, and the socks are being knit on size 1 circular needles.  That’s another reason why I’ll probably never use most of my yarn.  The biggest knitting needle I like using is a 2.  What can I say?  I like fine knits.  They drape beautifully, are the ultimate luxury, and flatter my figure.



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