Nancy Halpern at GVQC Meeting

Yesterday was GVQC’s meeting and our guest speaker was Nancy Halpern.  She is very well known for her architectural inspired quilts and her lecture was very interesting.  She has a great sense of humor too.

The meeting room was very dark so none of my pictures taken when her quilts were held up from the stage came out, but I was able to take some close-ups when they were laid out on tables.  The perspective is wonky, but the quilts were wonderful.  

I took pictures of quilts that would not automatically be identified as architectural quilts though, and this tree quilt was the first one:

Nancy is intrigued by puzzles and there are little letters on each of the blossoms that refer to a quote at the bottom of the quilt.

This next one has a water maze that creates a path to the center chair block:

Nancy loves visiting Venice, and the water maze reminds her of the canals.

I came away from the meeting with a deep respect for Nancy.  Not only is she a pioneer in architectural interpretations in her work, but everything she uses in her quilts has a personal connection – from her chickens, to a human figure being thrown out of a glass-making studio, to a piece of fabric, front and center in a piece, given to her by a dear friend who passed away.   She puts a tremendous amount of thought and technical experise into each of her pieces.  She is an amazingly talented fiber artist.



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