Seminole Piecing Workshop

I took a Seminole piecing workshop last month from Priscilla Kibbee and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I called ahead of time to reserve a Bernina sewing machine so I wouldn’t have to lug mine from home.  It most likely would have been a better idea  to bring mine, as it took me a bit to learn how to use the machine, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to catch up with the class. 

We started out with a basic pattern:

Do you notice something different?  There is a tiny line of metallic thread edging the squares.  Priscilla showed us how to accomplish this, and brought an entire plastic tub full of samples.  She made an entire coat for a wearable art show using this technique, and it was drop dead gorgeous.  That little bit of glitz makes the piecework sparkle as you move in the garment.  It must have looked fabulous on the runway with the light bouncing off the surface.

Our second pattern looked like hearts to me:

And our third pattern was a zig zag:

I was beat to my knees by the end of the class, and didn’t sew it there.  It was better that I tried it the next day at home, because I wanted to try using Clover’s bias tape instead of fabric strips for the design, and it worked out great.  It would be a lot less expensive using fabric though.  Those little packages of bias tape are pricey. 

Priscilla gave us the layout for a fourth design, but I didn’t make that one.  While I appreciate the look of Seminole work – and it’s not hard at all – I don’t like making samples with no project in mind.  I understand the technique, and like it, so the next time I do some Seminole piecing, and there will be a next time, it will be for a specific project.  I might use that last design, or I might not, but it was nice to be given 4 different patterns in the workshop, and information on where to find lots more.

By the way, I had brought silver metallic thread to use with my blue and purple fabric as they as cool based colors, and wanted to make a strip for a jacket border.  Guess what?  The silver metallic died on the fabric.  Seriously, it was YLI metallic thread so it was the same thickness and good quality, but it disappeared on the fabric.  It takes a LOT of sewing to add that metallic edge, and I was so disappointed when I saw how flat it was looking.  Priscilla told me the silver wouldn’t work, but doubting Thomas that I am, I had to try for myself.  She was RIGHT.  Even though my fabrics were cool based, the gold metallic worked much better.  If you’re reading this Priscilla, not only did you get a “You’re right!” in the class, you also got it in writing here on my blog.  LOL



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