RAFA November 2011 Meeting

It’s been a busy, productive week for me.  My sewing machine has been put to good use embroidering tigers, leaves and flowers, and I attended RAFA’s monthly meeting.  Show and tell was wonderful.  In fact, I took so many pictures, it will take two posts to show them all. 

Quite a few members had attended a class taught by Elin Noble, and today’s post will focus on the lovely fabrics from that class.

Anne created this gorgeous piece using chopsticks as the resist:


Barb also used chopsticks in this piece:


These next two are also Barb’;s pieces and she overdyed them – I think once:

Val’s piece was also overdyed – more than once:

Her pieces looked so rich in person.  Personally, I like the look of overdying, and don’t you think the more times the fabric hits the dyepot, the more interesting the piece becomes?    Sometimes the fabric was reclamped and dyed, and sometimes it was just tossed into another dye bath.  You do have to be careful with color choice though, or you can end up with muddy looking fabric. 

Donna also attended the class, and her fabric was wonderful too, but she was moving so fast, I wasn’t able to get any pictures.  She had one piece that was made by clamping CD discs to the fabric, and we all burst out laughing as it looked like a very strange mammogram image.  Trust me, that little hole in the middle of the CD made for some very off center you know whats, and then to add to the wonkiness, imagine it mirror imaged and reflected.  LOL  



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