RAFA Meeting – November 2011 Part II

Now for the rest of RAFA’s Show and Tell. 

Beth finished quilting her first art quilt:

You’d never know she is a beginning quilter.  I really like her color choices.

Caren ice dyed a t-shirt:

First off, she’s a lovely person – inside and out – but can you see what look like trees emerging from the bottom edge?  I love how that t-shirt came out.

Elaine enjoys photo manipulation on her computer and didn’t disappoint today:

That is a photo of her daughters that she printed out on fabric in a monochromatic style.  What a great idea!!!

Janet goes on vacation with her family to the mountains every year, and she made quilts for each family as a rembrance:

There is actual tree bark sewn onto those pieces.  They are fragile, but what wonderful keepsakes.

Judy was home from her travels and shared her newest piece with us:

The more I look at the piece, the more interpretations I envision.  It makes me keep on wanting to look at it.   Now I’m a type A personality and tend to breeze through quilt shows, so something that captures my interest is rare.  If I’m intrigued, everyone who takes the time to appreciate and really look at each quilt will be glued in place. 

Kate brought her Scotties piece just to prove she quilts 😉 :

Liz made another jacket using vintage linens:

She wore it when she went to an antique store recently and got roundly criticized by a vendor for cutting up a vintage tablecloth to make that jacket.  Part of me wants to keep everything pristine, but then the other part of me thinks it should be used, and let’s face it, more tablecloths get damaged when they are used as tablecloths, than when they are made into a wearable object. 

Pat came for a short visit – it was so nice to see you again, Pat – and she showed her finished butterfly quilt:

I saw this piece in multiple stages and it is absolutely gorgeous.  The amount of detail she puts into her pieces is amazing and this piece is no exception.

Last but not least is Sharon. This piece was started in an Esterita Austin workshop and I loved it:

It has lots of sheer layers and bits of glitz added here and there.   I love the colors and could see that hanging in my house.

This piece was started in a Velda Newman class:

I’m impressed that Sharon actually finishes the pieces she starts in workshops.   No way would I share just how many workshop pieces I have half completed in my studio.  I’m saving everyone from getting heart palpitations.  😉



One Response to “RAFA Meeting – November 2011 Part II”

  1. Judy Warner Says:

    Thanks, Diane. I didn’t mention at the meeting but the piece is called ‘Overwhelm’. I am definitely enjoying the different interpretations of the piece that people have shared.

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