A New Present for Myself

It’s Happy Days Are Here Again time here.  My Pfaff Creative Vision was traded in for the new Pfaff Creative Sensation yesterday.  If my knees were better, I’d be doing a happy dance all over my sewing studio.  Heck, I’d be doing a happy dance all over the entire house.  LOL

The feed dogs on this machine are perfect, and that was the major reason I traded in my sewing machine.  The stacking stitches are also a big plus, but that could easily be accomplished in a hoop and using software.  I don’t have to use any of that for these built-in designs though.  They sew out like a dream.

My new machine is going to be named too.  She’s Esther – in honor of a dear friend of mine who was an excellent tailor.  I hope she’s looking down from heaven, and smiling big time that she is always in my thoughts and prayers.   It’ll also stop me from swearing at the machine when “operator error” occurs.  I could never swear at the real Esther, so I won’t swear after her namesake. 

Before I traded in my Creative Vision, I sewed out a design that was in that machine, but not included in the new machine:

I’m going to miss having that built-in embroidery design on my machine, but isn’t it interesting to see the differences between the 2 embroideries?  The light exposure was exactly the same when I took the photographs for both those embroideries, and the fabric on the left is muslin, while the other is some of my hand dyed fabric. 

You wouldn’t think such a slight thread color change could make such a difference, but it sure does.  All the threads were 100% cotton, and I wish I had thought of sewing one out in rayon before I traded in my machine.  The rayon one would have really glowed. 

Actually, the fabric background contributed to the different results too.  When you place a lighter color against a darker background – as in the white thread with my darker hand dyed fabric – that creates more contrast, and the lighter color comes forward in the design more.  The cream thread and the muslin blended too much for high contrast, but it’s a nice example of a design that blends well with the fabric, so both embroideries will be used  – for different effects.

I also used a darker grey for the nose shading, and a lighter color for the eye in the white example. 

Today I’ll be spending some quality time with Esther, then head to the Y, and then vote.  I haven’t missed voting in one single solitary election since I turned 18, and I’m not about to start now. 



One Response to “A New Present for Myself”

  1. Judy Warner Says:

    Congrats on your new machine, Diane! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

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