Sewing Sample

Oh my gosh, I’m in love with my new sewing machine – the fabulous Pfaff Creative Sensation – AKA Esther, and am really putting it through its paces.  So far, I haven’t found a thread this machine does not like. 

Case in point:

Can you believe how nicely that stitched out?  It’s a candlewicking design sewn with Sulky Holoshimmer.  I kid you not – Sulky Holoshimmer – a thread that shreds if you look at it sideways.   Esther took it in stride, and happily sewed away – at full speed mind you.  The bobbin thread stayed on the bottom, the stitching proceeding flawlessly, and I am in awe of this new sewing machine.

The two red lines above and below the candlewicking design were done on an Elna Pro 905 serger and is a coverstitch.  That machine has moved onto a new home, and I hope it’s behaving nicely for its new owner. 

I’m so glad I saved this little sample though, because this color combination is wonderful.  I can see a black jacket in my future with splashes of red and copper. 



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