TAST 2012 – Feather Stitch

I’ve been thining and thinking and thinking about what to do with this week’s stitch and finally realized, I was over thinking.  😉  Tonight I got down to business and started embroidering.  I dug through my thread collection looking for a wool thread and realized, nope, that wouldn’t work.  Then I got some YLI Candlelight and realized it was too thick for my idea.  Then I tried some sewing thread – yes, sewing thread – YLI metallic copper thread.

You see my idea was to embellish a beautiful embossed cotton fabric to add another layer of interest to the fabric.  And this is the result:

I’m really pleased with the effect.  I wouldn’t want to do this for yards and yards of fabric, but it would be lovely for a patch in a crazy quilt block, and I think it would be wonderful on a jacket band.  Not the entire length.  I’d scatter a bit towards the bottom on one side and up by the face on the other side.  A few inches of metallic thread embellishment would serve to draw attention to the areas on the jacket you desire.

So no fabulous art piece was created, but I did experiment with different fabric, different threads, and learned what worked and what wouldn’t for this idea, and I had fun doing it.  In my book, that makes for a successful TAST experience.



3 Responses to “TAST 2012 – Feather Stitch”

  1. Julie Says:

    Oh, I like this! A lot! Should tell you the link in your post did not work

  2. Raphaela Says:

    Like the effext very much.

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