Happy Easter

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my blog.  We were on vacation with very limited internet, then got hit with a lot of medical emergencies when we got home, but we are now happily recovering and enjoying each and every day.


We had a wonderful brunch with my daughter, son-in-law, and his side of the family at Terry Hill Golf Club this morning.  The food is really good, and there is a very nice gentleman who dresses himself and decorates his car  in character for each holiday.  I do mean dress up, see:


Is that not a hoot?  The little kids love seeing him, and to be honest, so do I.  I guess the little kid in me is not buried very deeply.  All it takes is one look at this man, and she resurfaces to join in with all the fun.


I hope all you have a blessed and happy Easter with your family and friends.




One Response to “Happy Easter”

  1. kathi Says:

    That’s Bob! He lives close to me, so I see his car passing my house every holiday…sometimes I hear him too. For July 4th he has patriotic songs blaring from the vehicle.

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