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RAFA June 2012 Meeting

June 16, 2012

Last week was our monthly RAFA meeting, and I came away inspired, and warmed by the fellowship of our members.  Eugenia Barnes was there giving quilt appraisals, and we decided to have a picnic and share a meal together also.  Janet organized the food delivery, so a big Thank-You goes out to her.

Beth has been working on improvistational piecing and it is harder than it looks.  We’re so used to using patterns, rulers and matching seams, that free-style piecing can be challenging.  She had 2 quilts to show and they were great, but the back of one of them captured my attention:

I was really impressed by her progress.


Julia was working through how she deals with priorites and procrastination, and expressed it in this piece:

Mary had a beautiful piece of fabric and waited till it told her what it wants to be.   It spoke up last month, and here is the beginning of what is going to be a stunning landscape:

Mary Louise is developing a quilt class on design and letting the value of your fabric do the hard work:

Can you believe that is the same pattern?  I love the way her brain works.


Sarah put 3 small pieces together into a wall hanging:

The different circle sizes, proportions and arrangement in this piece keeps your interest.

I missed my quilt guild meeting to continue my search for a warm water pool, so no pictures from quilt guild this month.

I enjoyed being a member of my local Y and doing my aqua therapy for the last year.  Then the powers that be, decided to lower the pool temperature.  Anybody who has gone to aqua therapy, or who has arthritis, knows that it is not a good idea to exercise in water colder than 86.  Now the search is on for a warm pool so I can do my 45 minute routine 3 times a week.

If anybody knows of a warm indoor pool in Rochester, NY – so  I can exercise all winter – please let me know.  I’ve visited more places.  They tell you on the phone they have a warm pool, then when you show up in person, you find out no, the pool is not 86.  There are a lot of baby boomers coming along who would benefit from aqua therapy, and if a facility would open with lots of warm water pools, they’d be filled.









BAS Round Robin

June 6, 2012

No matter how many times I say I’m not going to participate in a round robin again, I inevitably give in to the allure and find myself joining another one.  They really are a lot of fun, you stretch your creativity to try and do your best for your fellow round robin members, and a really nice side benefit, is you make new friends.  Emailing a small group of people for 8 months forms bonds, and this Build A Stitch Round Robin is filled with lots of really nice people.

I received Rose Anne’s blocks first and fell in love with them.  They are Elegant, and yes that deserved a capital E.  She embroidered a seam on each block and then it was my turn to come up with variations and build on her work.

She used chain stitch and stem stitch and there are a lot of published variations of those stitches, plus I came up with a new one all by myself.  That really made my day.

There are 9 blocks in this round robin, and here we go:

Rose Anne’s embroidery is in the bottom right corner.  Didn’t she do a nice job with that design?  Mine is in the upper left corner.  I used a basic stem stitch to form the floral spray outline, then filled in leaves with detached chain stitch.  The flowers were made with hand dyed silk ribbon from Vikki Clayton and I used my own hand dyed pearl cotton for the French knots in the center.

On the second block, I added  a feathered chain stitch to one of the fan blades, and appliqued a heart lace design made with 100 wt silk thread on my embroidery machine.  Then I hand dyed it with vanilla.  It won’t disintegrate the fibers like the acid in tea dyed lace can over time.  Then I added some ruby beads to the heart.

Borders were added to frame Rose Anne’s stitching for this block.  The left side is  Crested Chain stitch with 3 strands of variegated DMC floss, and the right side has multiple rows of the Rope Stitch.  I used a heavier #5 coton perle  embroidery thread to add some texture and used 3 different colors.

This is just a sample from the 9 blocks I received.   Each month I will receive a package of another member’s 9 blocks and start all over again.  This is challenging, stimulating, scary and exciting all at the same time.   It’s wild ride and I’m very glad I signed up for it.


Make-Up Bag

June 5, 2012

There haven’t been a lot of posts lately as I’ve been learning how to use my laptop and transfer photos, then find them after they’ve been transferred.  That last part was the challenge.  Trust me, it got pretty ugly around here at times.    Plus I managed to blow out my knee again.  Back to quality bonding time on the sofa.

This little Make-Up Bag was made pre-knee injury:


Isn’t it cute?  It was the result of a class at my Pfaff dealer.  Jeanette had taken the class at Pfaff Convention and Pfaff let the teachers pass on the instructions to their customers.  It took longer to program all that into the sewing machine than it did to sew it.  LOL

Now that was not because of the instructions.  The instructions were really good.  You get a room full of women who know each other, chat a lot, drink a lot of coffee, water, juice, etc, use the restroom a lot, and you end up with a 3 hour project taking 6 hours, but we sure did have a lot of fun.

The neat thing about this was it was mostly made in the hoop.  It has beautiful candlewicking embroidery, stipple stitching, and straight stitching to form a nice base.  We learned a lot about programming our machines, varying shapes, and stacking stitches.

It didn’t require us to purchase any additional designs either.  We created them on our screen, and used built in designs but varied them by moving stitches around.  My new sewing machine is da bomb!!!  I just love it.