Make-Up Bag

There haven’t been a lot of posts lately as I’ve been learning how to use my laptop and transfer photos, then find them after they’ve been transferred.  That last part was the challenge.  Trust me, it got pretty ugly around here at times.    Plus I managed to blow out my knee again.  Back to quality bonding time on the sofa.

This little Make-Up Bag was made pre-knee injury:


Isn’t it cute?  It was the result of a class at my Pfaff dealer.  Jeanette had taken the class at Pfaff Convention and Pfaff let the teachers pass on the instructions to their customers.  It took longer to program all that into the sewing machine than it did to sew it.  LOL

Now that was not because of the instructions.  The instructions were really good.  You get a room full of women who know each other, chat a lot, drink a lot of coffee, water, juice, etc, use the restroom a lot, and you end up with a 3 hour project taking 6 hours, but we sure did have a lot of fun.

The neat thing about this was it was mostly made in the hoop.  It has beautiful candlewicking embroidery, stipple stitching, and straight stitching to form a nice base.  We learned a lot about programming our machines, varying shapes, and stacking stitches.

It didn’t require us to purchase any additional designs either.  We created them on our screen, and used built in designs but varied them by moving stitches around.  My new sewing machine is da bomb!!!  I just love it.



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