BAS Round Robin

No matter how many times I say I’m not going to participate in a round robin again, I inevitably give in to the allure and find myself joining another one.  They really are a lot of fun, you stretch your creativity to try and do your best for your fellow round robin members, and a really nice side benefit, is you make new friends.  Emailing a small group of people for 8 months forms bonds, and this Build A Stitch Round Robin is filled with lots of really nice people.

I received Rose Anne’s blocks first and fell in love with them.  They are Elegant, and yes that deserved a capital E.  She embroidered a seam on each block and then it was my turn to come up with variations and build on her work.

She used chain stitch and stem stitch and there are a lot of published variations of those stitches, plus I came up with a new one all by myself.  That really made my day.

There are 9 blocks in this round robin, and here we go:

Rose Anne’s embroidery is in the bottom right corner.  Didn’t she do a nice job with that design?  Mine is in the upper left corner.  I used a basic stem stitch to form the floral spray outline, then filled in leaves with detached chain stitch.  The flowers were made with hand dyed silk ribbon from Vikki Clayton and I used my own hand dyed pearl cotton for the French knots in the center.

On the second block, I added  a feathered chain stitch to one of the fan blades, and appliqued a heart lace design made with 100 wt silk thread on my embroidery machine.  Then I hand dyed it with vanilla.  It won’t disintegrate the fibers like the acid in tea dyed lace can over time.  Then I added some ruby beads to the heart.

Borders were added to frame Rose Anne’s stitching for this block.  The left side is  Crested Chain stitch with 3 strands of variegated DMC floss, and the right side has multiple rows of the Rope Stitch.  I used a heavier #5 coton perle  embroidery thread to add some texture and used 3 different colors.

This is just a sample from the 9 blocks I received.   Each month I will receive a package of another member’s 9 blocks and start all over again.  This is challenging, stimulating, scary and exciting all at the same time.   It’s wild ride and I’m very glad I signed up for it.



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