Straight Stitch and Detached Twisted Chain Stitch Combo Tutorial

Jackie’s Build A Seam Round Robin blocks were mailed out this week.  They were really pretty blocks, but I had such trouble figuring out what to add to them.  And I apologize to Jackie because I messed up one of the blocks by using the wrong stitch on it.  Mea culpa.

Each of the blocks are supposed to be variations of a specific stitch, and I didn’t realize it until I had completed my first embroidery, so the stitch I was supposed to use on that block, I used on the anything goes block.

I also came up with a variation on a variation that I haven’t seen anywhere, so here is a mini tutorial on Straight Stitch combined with a Detached Twisted Chain Stitch.

I used my hand dyed Pearl # 8 cotton thread for the straight stitches embroidering 3 straight stitches, leaving a space, then embroidering another 3 straight stitches.  You want to be careful to maintain even spacing for this base stitching.

With 1 strand DMC floss # 806, and 2 strands # 699 in my needle, I started the detached twisted chain stitches.  I brought the needle up between the middle and end of a group of 3 straight stitches:

Then slip the needle back behind the end stitch.  You’re going to want to gather together the group of straight stitches later, and this keeps the fabric from becoming too distorted.   Next, bring the needle up between the middle and other end stitch:

You’ll slip the needle under that end stitch again, and make sure the thread loop is twisted.  Then you put the needle through the thread loop, and pull the needle through to form the twisted chain stitch.

A gentle tug will snug that stitch nicely into place.  Bring the needle down through the fabric to secure the stitch, and you have one detached twisted chain stitch completed.

The picture I saw of this stitch combo had the second color thread traveling across the top of the embroidery, but I spaced my straight stitches pretty far apart, and wanted to make sure there would be no long threads to catch on something, so the long traveling thread is on the back.

I hope you like this little tutorial and will try the stitch combination.  It has lots of possibilities – adding beads, using different thread or yarn weights, and on, and on, and on.

Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate this holiday!



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