Ricky Tims Super Seminar

Whew, what a weekend!!!  It was 3 days filled with lots of laughter, superb workmanship, and the clearest instructions I’ve ever experienced from a workshop.

First off, RIT’s Gordon Field House is a wonderful venue for a quilt show or exhibit.  Our local quilt guild GVQC  holds their bi-annual quilt show there, and it was also perfect for Ricky’s Seminar.  The lighting, the sound, the parking – everything was right there, and I know nobody says anything about this, but there were plenty of restrooms.  No lines.  Will wonders never cease?  LOL

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in years.  Alex Anderson, Libby Lehman and Ricky Tims click – big time.  All three know how to entertain and teach.

The power point presentation on a huge screen made it easy to see for the entire 740+ in attendance.  Justin also manned the camera for all the sewing machine demonstrations, and that man knows how to get great close-ups and clear pictures.  He would zoom, focus, and knew how to avoid shadows/bright spots from the overhead lights.  One of the nicest things he did, was cover the lens as he moved the camera.  None of those disorienting jerkly movements projected onto that big screen.

The volunteers did a wonderful job of registering, welcoming, and manning the sales tables, while the white glove ladies were there to turn the quilts for us.  Thank-you ladies.  It was a long weekend and you really worked hard.

I’ve been quilting for 36 years now, and was very happy to learn a lot of new tips and techniques.  The piped bindings were gorgeous, I actually might try some applique now, and some circles are definitely in my future.

The quilts were magnificent.  The workmanship, oh my the workmanship – stunning, just stunning.  Instead of talking about them though, I’d like to share my favorites from each one of the teachers.  I’m going alphabetically so here is Alex’s quilt:

Isn’t that different from anything you’ve seen from Alex Anderson?  The wonderful feather quilting around the contemporary pieced center made me stop and look twice, then 3 times, then I kept on going back to see it day after day.  It definitely grabbed my attention.

Libby Lehman is well known for her Threadplay, and I took plenty of pictures of those quilts but chose this one to post on my blog:

These were not made with an embroidery unit.  Libby used Bernina’s circle attachment, and lots and lots of the decorative built in stitches on her machine.  Reverse applique created the bands of color, and she filled in with free motion quilting.

And here is Ricky’s most recent quilt:

I loved the couched pearl cotton on this and could not figure out how it was accomplished.  We found out on the third day that Bernina has a new free motion couching foot, and that is how all those beautiful spirals were sewn down.

Everyone of the 3 quilts I posted have multiple things in common that drew my attention.  First and foremost was color.  Alex’s color choices were subtle, Libby’s use of a black background made her colors pop, and Ricky’s colors made me happy.  The quilting, oh my the quilting – both Alex’s hand quilting, and Libby’s and Ricky’s masterful machine quilting was outstanding.

All the quilts were wonderful examples of well designed, well executed art work from experts in their field.  There is nothing like seeing works of art like this in person, and if you ever have an opportunity to attend one of these Super Seminars – run don’t walk to sign up.  You will not regret it for a minute.



2 Responses to “Ricky Tims Super Seminar”

  1. Diana Says:

    Wonderful review. I was there. I enjoyed everything: the information, the humor, the music, the quilts, Ricky’s fabric, and no lines for the bathrooms. It was a great experience. Thank you to GVQC for bringing the Super Seminar to Rochester.

  2. Pam Says:

    That is just wonderful in design and color

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