Ricky Tims Applique

I really liked how Ricky Tims sews a triple stitch buttonhole stitch around his appliqued pieces:

but it takes a long time for that stitch to sew around an applique, and I’m no spring chicken.

I was sitting next to a friend, Julia and she commented why doesn’t he use a thicker thread and the single buttonhole stitch?  That was a brilliant idea and exactly what I decided to test.

My Pfaff Creative Sensation has more than one buttonhole stitch so first I test sewed 3 of them with regular 50 wt sewing thread.  My favorites were 2.8 and 2.9 set at 2.0 width and 2.0 length.

I tried 30 wt Madeira cotton and stitch 2.8 – the double buttonhole stitch on my machine.  It looked very nice, but that still took a lot of time.

Next I tried 12 wt Sulky cotton with 2.9 – the single buttonhole stitch:

Success – in 1/3 the time!!!  My stitching isn’t as accurate as Ricky’s but with practice, I hope to get those 3 stitches at the points to touch each other.  This one shows 2 of them touching way over on the right side, so I’m getting there.



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