Ogden Art Group Meeting

I’ve been lax about posting pictures from the last 3 meetings, and feel badly about that, so got the July 2012 photos ready ASAP this month.  Lucy showed us how to make beaded beads – not the big clunky ones seen a lot, but some with small detailed patterns made with size 11 or 15 beads.  Here’s a picture of some of her and Karen’s samples:

These would be lovely as jacket buttons, purse closures, or made into pins.

We actually were able to completely make one in a meeting and here is my beaded bead:

We’ll be making the open triangle beaded bead at next month’s meeting.  I have a specific plan for that shape, and will share pictures of that project as it is being made.

Show and tell was sparse as a couple of us had been at Ricky Tims Seminar, and all of us have been busy this summer – some traveling, some babysitting, and some gardening.  Jan shared some hand knit socks she made:

And some jewelry:

She’ll be showing us how to paint on copper in a future meeting.  Since I love copper, I can not wait to learn that technique.



2 Responses to “Ogden Art Group Meeting”

  1. Linda commer Says:

    Hi, if it’s still possible, could you send me detailed diresctions for
    Making the small beaded buttons? I need them for closures on
    delicate bracelets. Thanks,so much, linda

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