BAS Merle’s Block

Merle’s BAS blocks arrived the day before I attended the Ricky Tims Seminar, and I loved them as soon as I saw them, but did not even think about working on them amid all the seminar activity.  Their time has come now and I’m happily embroidering away.

Here is a picture of the first block:

The colors are a bit muted, but trust me, they are deep, rich saturated colors and that red/orange in the upper right corner is fabric I lust over.  LOL

This block features the Cretan stitch and I added to Rose Anne’s base stitching in the upper right corner.  Mini irridescent (purple/blue) bugle beads and detached chain stitches in black Perle Cotton size 12 were added to the points.  I first sewed the beads down with SoNo thread then went through again with the Perle Cotton.

Next I added a funky Cretan Stitch to the lower lime green seam with variegated Perle Cotton size 5.  One edge was kept uniformly short, and the other was varied to create a triangular design.  This thread is the same color as the blues and purples of the mini bugle beads.

I was really tempted to add to the Cretan trees that Rose Anne embroidered on the red/orange upper corner, but I honest to goodness don’t do whimsy well, and Pam excels at embroidering the unexpected.  I’d have done something traditional, and those trees would look wonderful with a touch of quirkiness added to them.   The BAS Olympic Torch is passed to you, Pam.  😉



4 Responses to “BAS Merle’s Block”

  1. Merle Rawson Says:

    Diane this is just beautiful thank you so much. The fabrics I used are Thai Silk, the solid colours, and tie silks, the patterned fabrics. The stitching is just fantastic I will treasure these blocks forever

  2. Rose Anne Says:

    Yeppers Diane, you’re getting the idea of adding to seams to build them up. It also took me a bit to catch on and sometimes I’m just stumped – thus the new base seam!!! We’ll all learn from this RR!

    • dianemiller Says:

      It’s really hard adding to seams – who would have thought? This is mose definitely a challenging round robin. It’s one thing to build up seams you start, and an entirely different thing to build on someone else’s base stitches. We’re up for the challenge though!!! Hugs

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