RAFA August 2012 Meeting

August is always an anticipated meeting as lots of members have attended Quilting By the Lake and bring their works in progress for Show and Tell, and there was plenty of eye candy for all to enjoy that I’d like to share with all of you.

Show and Tell started with Anne and a beautifully hand knit sweater:

She steeked armholes for the first time, and found out it wasn’t all that scary after all.  😉

Beth has been in jacket making mode, and I particularly liked this one:

Looking good, Beth.

Caren created this beauty:

And Glynnis was ice dyeing:

We were in the middle of a drought, so Glynnis thought it was safe to spread the fabric out on her deck and let it batch overnight.   Now you know what’s coming don’t you?  Glynnis and her ice dyed fabric are totally responsible for breaking our drought.  My garden plants thank-you very much Glynnis, but I can’t imagine it was any fun getting up at 2am to rescue your fabric from the downpour.

Rosemary finished a beautiful fabric covered accent piece for her home:

Is that not drop dead gorgeous?  It’s so elegant.

And Sue started this piece at QBL:

She took a class with Judy Blaydon.  The class was based on a photo each student brought in, then had it changed to black and white, cut it apart and collaged it, then interpreted it in fabric.

I just realized that I only have a couple of photos in this post from pieces started at QBL.  That goes to show that our group is always creating.  Yeah for all the RAFA members!!!



One Response to “RAFA August 2012 Meeting”

  1. wireharp Says:

    Beautiful sweater! Where comes the pattern?

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