Ogden Art Group Meeting and More Of Merle’s Crazy Quilt Blocks

We had a wonderful time this month and focused on beaded beads again.  This time we were inspired by unusual shapes:

Lucy kindly typed up instructions for us on how to create triangles, and also showed us how we could make it into a square.  Adding more beads along 2 of the sides  would create a rectangle.   The best part of this demo was once you understand the corner turning technique, you could make just about any geometric shape you’d like.  Thank-you so much, Lucy.

I had my hands filled with creating the triangle bead though, and you will most definitely see these in a future project.  Only Sue knows what I plan on doing with them,  but I want to surprise the rest of you.

Karen and I used the exact same size beads – 11 – but from different manufacturers:

There was quite a difference in size.  Karen’s (on the left)  did add an accent bead along the edge, but even without that, her bead was larger.  She used Dynamite 11/0 Matsuno Matte Transparent beads and I used Delicas 11/0 Miyuki Silver-Lined Crystal and Color-Lined Sapphire beads.  We both purchased our beads from Fire Mountain.

I have not done a lot of beading and foolishly thought all 11/0 beads were the same size.   Guess you learn something new everyday, and this little tidbit of new knowledge is darn important.  Imagine if you were ordering a lot of beads for a project, and you wanted a uniform look, but ordered from different bead lines.  Uh-uh, you wouldn’t end up with a uniform look.  Now that would be fine for a free-form piece, but if you wanted a consistent look, that could be a potential pitfall.

On the crazy quilting front, Merle’s crazy quilt blocks are almost completed, and I’ll leave you with a few pictures of some of her blocks, then I’m off to a quilt show:



One Response to “Ogden Art Group Meeting and More Of Merle’s Crazy Quilt Blocks”

  1. Merle Rawson Says:

    My blocks are so beautiful I can’t wait to see them in person. Thank you so much. Your stitching surely puts my puny efforts to shame.

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