Ice Dyeing Part 2

Here are more pictures from the second day I spent ice dyeing this time using  Robert Kaufman’s pfd Panda – 60% cotton, 40% bamboo.  I also used a screen to lift one layer of fabric above the melted dye solution, and this was dyed with the concentrated dye solution I talked about in the previous post.   I’m sticking to my word and not sprinkling powder around anymore.

This picture shows the top layer:

Keeping the fabric from soaking in the dye solution creates a very different look with ice cube dyeing.  You can actually “see” the cubes in the pattern.  Everywhere there is a little lighter space surrounded by deeper color, there was an ice cube.  I really like this look and will definitely use a screen for future ice dyeing.

Being of the economical nature, I also had some fabric laying underneath the screen.  Why waste all that nice dye solution?  Here is a photo of those fabrics:

You might be able to see the lettering on the bottom of these fabrics that indicate one was put in dry – soaked in soda ash and then dried, and the other put in wet.  This time the difference was neglible, but I do believe the dried piece is a bit darker than the wet – not enough to make me want to dry this fabric before I dye it though.

I almost forgot.  This batch was batched for a full 24 hours, then soaked in cold water for another 24 hours, then washed in hot water, and rinsed in cold water, and when I rubbed the wet fabric against a white towel, the towel stayed white.




4 Responses to “Ice Dyeing Part 2”

  1. Connie Eyberg Says:

    I’ve been thinking this would be fun to try ever since I first heard of it. Thanks for sharing your findings.

  2. thelmabr Says:

    I so love the results of the ice cube dyeing. I may have to give this a try.

  3. thelmabr Says:

    I love the results of the ice cube dyeing. I may have to give this a try.

  4. Katherine Says:

    this is luscious

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