Ice Dyeing Part 3

This post will actually have 2 days of ice dyeing photos.  The third day was spent with a friend and I helped her with her pieces.  It was a lot of fun and her pieces came out great.   Here are a couple of photos from her dye session:

The fourth dye day I switched colors, but kept with Panda for the top rack position, and added RocLon muslin to the bottom of the tub.   I was in a rush getting ready to bring food over to my Dad’s house and only added two colors to the tub – Pro Chem 410 Turquoise and Pro Chem 711 Bright Green.  I was one mighty unhappy dyer when we got back home and I realized what I’d done:

It’s pretty, and will work well for a landscape quilt, but that is not what I was aiming for.  I figured what the heck, removed the top rack, and dumped a bunch of Pro Chem 801 Grape onto the RocLon muslin in the bottom of the tub.  24 hours batching, 24 hours in cold water, and after being washed and dried, this is what I got:

Now that is more what I was hoping to achieve.

Am I done with ice dyeing?  No.  After another trip to BJs – to pick up more ice – I think I’ll try dyeing some silk.   I want to compare the amount of rinsing required between the plant based vs animal based fibers.  The color runoff for the blues was pretty bad.  Everything in the washing machine turned blue.  I always throw a white towel in with my dyed fabrics.  It’s a good indicator if the fabric is colorfast or not.

That blue fabric required multiple washes and rinses before it stopped running, and no, I don’t use Synthrapol.  It bothers my lungs.  Ditto for Retayne.  I have to rely on the soaking in cold water and multiple washes, or in really bad cases, I simply boil the fabric.  Then I’m sure the color won’t run and ruin a project.

Silk never gives me the problems cotton does, so it will be interesting to see how the same blue, green and grape dyes will wash out of the silk.

To those who celebrate Labor Day, I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!



One Response to “Ice Dyeing Part 3”

  1. kmcneese Says:

    these are lovely
    looking forward to your experiments on silk

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