GVQC and Round Tuit 7 and 8

Last week was the first meeting for quilt club after our summer break, and it was very nice seeing everyone again.  There were quite a few convergence quilts thanks to a lot of the members attending the Ricky Tims Super Seminar, and I got a good photo of the one Judy Laurini made:

She even added the piping next to the outer binding – a technique shown at the seminar.  If you double click on the photo, it will enlarge for you, and you should be able to see that detail.

I did not get the name of the person who was making this, but thought it was a striking design, and she planned on having it completed for the UMC North Chili’s quilt show this weekend:

Some members were busy sewing garments over the summer and Jan DeTar made a beautiful dress for her daughter:

And Caris made some jackets – one for herself and one for her Mom:

I so want to be her sister.  Then maybe she’d make a jacket for me too.  😉

Y’all might think I forgot about my Round Tuit projects, but I haven’t.

Number 7 was learning a new way how to make flying geese.  It was in a recent issue of AQS magazine, and it worked beautifully.  Imagine my surprise when I googled it, and found the same directions all over the internet too.  Where have I been all these years?  LOL

I packaged up my sample blocks, the extra material, some thread,  the pattern from the magazine, and donated it to quilt club.  Hopefully, someone picked up  the package and is happily piecing away.  It’d make a great Comfort Quilt.  No pictures of the flying geese, but I do have one of Round Tuit Number 8:

This was a bag insert and another pattern from AQS I wanted to try.  I only did a little bit of the final step, but I was less than thrilled with this technique.  Maybe it was the fabric I choose.  It was quilting cotton, but on the beefy side, so the fabric tube was quite thick.  Regardless, I’m not going to finish it.  At this point in my life, I only sew what I want to sew.  I will happily package the pattern, the partially made insert, thread, and donate it at the next GVQC meeting.  Someone else might think it’s really neat, and do fabulous things with the technique.

That’s if I can make it to next month’s meeting.  I have knee surgery scheduled shortly with a 4 week to 4 month recovery, and I’m going to be back in a wheelchair for a bit.  I really hate having to use a wheelchair, and am feeling very sorry for myself.   Usually I’m pretty upbeat, but I’m in full pity party mode – reinforced by the book I’m currently reading – Pure, by Julianna Baggott.   It’s terribly disturbing, grim, and totally joyless.  I keep on hoping – that’s me, the eternal optimist – it will turn around, but I’m thinking it’d be a good idea for my own peace of mind to stop reading this book.

It’s actually well written.  It captures your attention and is hard to put down, but the graphic descriptions make me wince, and something tells me the story is not going to end well.   It’s time for a little Janet Evanovich.  Her books make me laugh out loud, and everybody knows that laughing makes you get better fast.




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