RAFA September 2012 Meeting

Last week I attended the Rochester Area Fiber Art meeting.  As usual, there were lots of beautiful pieces to inspire.

Anne had a gorgeous felted jacket:

She also had a large piece of yardage she had felted with beautiful silk inserts.  It takes a long time to create felted yardage, and hers is warm yet not bulky.  It drapes beautifully.


Caris modeled one of her jackets for us:

Beth took a class on dyeing with plants:

This was made with a variety of plants and I think one of them was sumac.  I carefully wrote all the plants down, and have no clue where I put the paper with all the details.  In the future, I’m bringing a notebook with me to the meetings so I don’t lose the information.


Kathi showed us this small piece:

She had more to show, but the photos came out lousy.  It’s too bad because one was a piece that she stamped the words to a poem on the fabric – letter by letter.  It took her hours and result was well worth the effort.

Tomorrow is my Ogden Art Group meeting, and we’re going to be painting on copper.  I love copper, and am really looking forward to learning this technique.





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