RAFA October 2012 Meeting

We had a good meeting this month and Show and Tell was really good.

Deb felted a scarf with small shapes sandwiched between the fiber:

It’s gorgeous as a scarf, but I believe she will be using this felted piece as a jacket collar.  I can’t wait to see that garment.

Donna had taken a mini QBL class and has partially finished this felted piece:

This is a work in progress as she is planning on adding a lot more embellishment on the bottom half.

Kathi printed the screen she made at my house a few weeks ago and adding some threadwork:

She got this design from Linda Kemshall – who offers design classes online.

Marcia showed a couple of quilts, and I especially liked how she arranged the blocks on this piece:

I’m not sure if she took a class with Janet Root or not, but she thanked Janet at the meeting, and Janet has made a series of quilts using this technique.

Sue had a piece of fabric printed by Julie of Red-Dog Enterprises

This has a lot of quilting on it with multiple thread types, and is also a work in progress.  The next step will be adding some beads, and this will be in an upcoming exhibit.

Kate showed a wonderful assortment of fabrics that she created using a product called deColourant:

You can remove and add color all with one application.  The base fabric was a batik, and a Martha Stewart stencil was placed on top of the fabric.  The product was applied, dried, and then ironed.  It stripped the color and left the stencilled design behind.   Other pieces had color added to them, but this picture came out the best so it’s the one that made it on this post.

We were told it doesn’t work on some solid black cotton fabrics.  Donna had printed a design, and it looked fine until she put the piece in the washing machine.  She ended up with a solid piece of black fabric.

This is a product that will be making it’s way to my studio.  I’d like to test it with some hand dyed fabrics and see what happens, and see if it can be washed at all.  I forgot to ask that question at the meeting, and I prefer to have the majority of my work be washable.




One Response to “RAFA October 2012 Meeting”

  1. Pam Gonzalez Says:

    WOW wish I could be in your group. You all do a lot of different things. I really like that. Great pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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