Upstate New York Bead Guild

I attended my first meeting of the Upstate New York Bead Guild today and enjoyed meeting and chatting with this talented group of beaders.  Everyone was very friendly, and I got to see some lovely beaded name tags.  Lots of different techniques were used and I especially like the one with the stacked beads.  It added lots of dimension and you could read her name easily too  – good design and functional.  You can’t ask for more than that.

We made a necklace thanks to Karen.  Mine is not finished – what else is new?  I do believe I’m the slowest workshop participant in the world, but this was the inspiration for our project:

We each made a big cabochon in the middle.  Everyone’s was different, and they were all gorgeous.

While I don’t have a picture of my jewelry from today’s meeting, I do finally have a picture of the copper earrings and necklace I made at last month’s Ogden Art Group meeting:

I loved painting on copper, and was very happy I could wear something I made to today’s meeting.

I changed it up a bit as the kit had silver jump rings and ear fasteners – the same silver color as the necklace fastener.  I purchased copper jump rings and found ear fasteners with a copper bead on them to pick up the copper on the roll.  That simple change made my day.



One Response to “Upstate New York Bead Guild”

  1. Pam Gonzalez Says:

    Very nice work!! I’ve always wanted to try playing with the painting on the copper. I look forward to seeing your ither project when it’s finished. I always feel like I’m always the last to finish anything in our group too.

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