GVQC October 2012 Meeting

Last week I attended my local quilt guild meeting and had a good time.  It’s always nice seeing my friends, and I managed to purchase a package of lace from Donna’s sale table.  I’m supposed to be destashing, but I could not resist those laces.

Show and Tell was wonderful, and started out with a Halloween quilt:

Our esteemed President, Pat Berardi showed one of her class samples:

She teaches at Sew Creative and her easy curved class has been taken by many members.

One of her class members brought a piece she finished making from another of Pat’s popular classes:

Is that not gorgeous?  It’s made entirely out of silk dupioni, and has lots of lovely texture.

This next quilt is a nice example of the French Braid pattern:

The colors were so soft and were shaded so expertly, I just had to post a picture of this quilt.

And this next one is a quick, easy quilt to make according to the quilt maker:

At first glance, I thought that isn’t quick and easy to make, and then I realized it actually is.  All you do is get a strip of light colored fabric and sew squares along the edge.  Trim to create new  squares, and then cut along the diagonal.  Mix up the sections and sew them together again.  There are no fussy seams that have to be matched, and that is always appreciated.

And just to remind us that the holidays are fast approaching, Mary Shaw made a really cute rag Santa quilt:

Our speaker was Randall Cook.  You can click on his name and be directed to his website to see really good photographs of his work.  I moved to the back of the room to sit with friends, and my photos came out LOUSY.  Yes, all capitals.  The photos were that bad.  The room lights kept on getting turned on and off, and my poor camera couldn’t handle the changes.  I’d be taking a photo with the lights off and bam, the next thing you know, the lights were back on.  I finally gave up, relaxed, and enjoyed listening to the lecture.

After the lecture we had time to look closer at his quilts and I was really surprised by something Randy had done with his quilting.  He had quilted an area with a filler stitch.  Okay, we all have done that, but then he went over that quilting with another design.  I’ve never see that before, and it looked really good.  It was texture on top of texture, and it’s always nice to learn something new.

Another of his quilts had a crocheted lace border done with knit fabric.  It was very cleverly done by slitting the fabric, then using a crochet hook to form a couple of rows of chain stitches up the center.

Belonging to a quilt guild is fun, a great opportunity to make new friends, and the icing on the cake is when we have great speakers who share their work with us.  We learn from each other, and we get to see a wide variety of styles.  I throughly enjoyed last month’s meeting, and I hope you enjoyed your visit too.  You might not have been there in person, but it is fun looking at all the pictures, and going to all the links, isn’t it?



One Response to “GVQC October 2012 Meeting”

  1. Sartenada Says:

    These are very beautiful quilts. Santa quilt is new to me. I have not seen it in Finland although I have been in many quilt shows around Finland. Why not check my newest quilt blog:

    Finn Quilt 2012 (2) / Almazuela Finlandesa 2012 (2) / Courtepointe Finnoise 2012 (2).

    Happy quilting!

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