Odgen Art Group October 2012

I arrived at the meeting really late last month, so missed Show and Tell, but it was very nice of everybody to pull their pieces out of bags, and let me see their work.  I had to drop my husband off at the auto body shop to pick up our little RV, and had to drive over 6 train crossings.  Luckily, I only got stuck waiting for one train, but it just so happened to be the longest train crossing in the world.  Such is life.

Janet made a gorgeous jacket for a client:

And Lucy just so happened to make a  jacket too:

She knit the wool fabric on her knitting machine, felted it, and created that wonderful graphic design.

Jan showed some gorgeous jewelry cuffs she made, but I forgot to take  photos of any of them.

Sue signed up for the same Craftsy class I did – Stupendous Stitching, and she has made good progress on her piece:

Then onto our workshop.  We decided to try Diane Savona’s techinque stitching around shapes.  Here is Sue’s before:

And here is her WIP (work in progress) after:

The basic concept is to put 3 dimensional objects on top of thick wool felt, cover it with a good quality fabric – damask napkin, handkerchief linen – something that will stretch a bit – and sew tightly around it.  You end up with lots of lovely texture.

Not one of us had the 1/4″ wool felt in our fabric collection so we improvised.  We used felted wool sweaters.   Some were thicker than others, so I created a mini sandwich using  two thinner pieces of wool felt with a felted sweater in the middle.

This is Jan’s piece with a belt buckle and some washers showing:

Janet’s piece had a nice assortment of found treasures:

Karen was ambitious and laid out a large piece:

It was a great layout, using foam cut out shapes and cording, but unfortunately, she used a patterned fabric on top, and you really couldn’t see the texture after she did some stitching.

Lucy and I both got in touch with our feminine side.  She used a piece of lace:

And I used a doily:

I plan on painting my doily piece and have no clue what I’ll make with it.  Lucy has already finished a pillow with her lace piece.  Hopefully, I’ll have pictures to share after the November meeting..

Today was the November RAFA meeting, and I was going to go, but got up late.  The meeting starts at 9:30 am and I woke up at 9 am – not good – especially since it’s 30 minutes from my house.  Rushing around trying to get ready for a late arrival, I succeeding in dropping a full 64 oz bottle of juice – all over my counter.  Okay, the counter was full of “stuff” and after a few choice expletives, I was making progress with the clean-up, when my husband – full of good intentions – came out to help.  He helped by carrying the dripping wet objects to the sink.

Now that sounds nice, doesn’t it?  But unlike fuss potty me, he didn’t put a towel underneath the dripping wet objects, or put his hand underneath to catch the drips.  Of course, I didn’t realize he was dripping his way to the sink, until I stepped into the wet path he had created, and got sticky shoes.  More expletives were uttered.  An hour later, I had a very clean, cleared up counter, a washed floor, and clean shoes.   Next month, I’ll wise up and set the alarm clock.  I do not want to miss another meeting.



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