Ogden Art Group November 2012 Decolourant

We had a wonderful time at our meeting this month.   Show and Tell was sparse for some reason, but Lucy brought a pillow she made showcasing her Under the Surface piece she made last month:

She used pieces of the lace that was under the fabric on top in the upper left corner.  That was a great design decision.

We then moved directly to our workshop – experimenting with deColourant and deColourant Plus.  deColourant removes the color from natural fabrics with very little smell, and deColourant Plus not only removes the base color, but lays another color on top – all in one step.  This product is non-toxic, has very little odor, and is much easier to use than Thiox or Cholorine bleach to discharge/remove color from fabric.

Karen chose to try the deColourant on her Under the Surface piece she started last month:

You really couldn’t see much texture in her piece as she used a busy fabric with lots of color for the top layer.  Now the sun – complete with radiating rays,  and the tree with it’s curling branches are visible.  What a great solution to highlight the texture.  Brava, Karen!!!

Sue had some great stencils.  We all loved her rose one the best.  Here is a picture of what the deColourant looks like after it has been applied to the fabric:

And here is what it looks like after it has been ironed:

And here is what it looks like with the deColourant plus – two colors mixed together:

Lucy created a beautiful piece:

I’m not sure if you can see the gorgeous bronzes and purples in that piece but they are there.

And here is a picture of 3 small pieces I made:

We all thought that hand dyed fabrics worked great (that was my top orange piece), that colors that read as solids but are mottled work great (like Sue’s and Lucy’s fabrics), and were thrilled my Kona black stayed discharged, as another friend we know tried deColourant on some black fabric, and when she washed it, the black color came back.

Speaking of washing, all the deColourant residue totally washes out with a little soap and water, and you are left with no change to the fabric hand.  It is as soft and nice to stitch on as untreated fabric.  I have to say, we were one happy group of artists last week.  This is a product we all want to use again.  Try it, you’ll like it!!!



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