Round Tuit 10

I am happy to report another one of my backlogged projects was completed yesterday:

My husband was designated as “Official Tote Holder” for the photo session.  It’s really a purse, but I was worried he’d balk at being the “Official Purse Holder” and it could be a tote, honest it could.  LOL

This was a pattern in an old AQS magazine, and I really wanted to try the 2 color tuck technique.  Tried it, am not sure I like it, but I tried it.  That left me with a tucked purse insert.  What to do with that insert?  Make the purse, of course.

It was a more complicated project than I thought – lots of top stitching, lots of inserts, a pieced lining – that was my choice, and a zipper that had a zipper placket and a zipper facing.  All techniques I’ve never tried before.   The straps even have fancy stitching down the center – all straight from the instructions.

Will I make another one of these?  No way, no how.  I like bigger purses, less structured purses, and purses with pockets, lots and lots of loverly pockets.  Am I glad I made this purse?  Oh yes.  I stretched my brain by learning some new sewing techniques.   It is oh so good to learn something new everyday, and I learned lots with this project.




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