Joyce’s BAS RR Blocks – Blanket and Chevron

Joyce’s blocks arrived in the mail this week, and I started working on the them immediately.

Here is a picture of her Blanket Block:
blanket joyce

This block had very few colors in it, so I got the hex color of the blue section I wanted to embroider, then used the green that is a split complimentary of it for the crossed buttonhole stitch, the small straight stitch stem, and the little detached chain stitch for a leaf. The “flowers” were made with turquoise sequins held in place with little seed beads.

Then to add a bit more of the green to the block, I stitched some French Knots on one of the previously stitched seams.

The second block I finished was her Chevron block:
Chevron Joyce

I added some metallic rick-rack trim couched in place with the chevron stitch. Then I added to the seam treatment on the left by added a white straight stitch inside a detached chain stitch to match the one on the other side. Next was a detached chain stitch around that with DMC Precious Metals. It gave a nice padded effect to the original detached chain.

To finish off that seam, I sewed some small seed beads down the center. That seam had a lot of steps to it before I added mine, and now it is really complex. If this RR taught me anything, it’s that the more passes and techniques used on a seam, the more I like it.

The bottom corner was blank and Joyce said she likes butterflies, so I painted a small butterfly motif I had, and beaded that. It nicely fills in that bottom corner.

I hope you like what I added to your first two blocks, Joyce. Two down, seven more to go.



3 Responses to “Joyce’s BAS RR Blocks – Blanket and Chevron”

  1. Joyce Reed Says:

    Thanks, Diane. Your work is gorgeous. Love the butterfly and all of the stitches you have added to my blocks.

  2. Rose Anne Burdeny Says:

    Lovely Diane!!!

  3. Connie Eyberg Says:

    You have some really beautiful seam treatments on these two blocks. I always enjoy your work.

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