Organization is Good

Yes, organization is good. In an earlier post this year, I mentioned I was still destashing, but was going to focus on organization. Here is the first project I tackled:

Floss organized

That is all the solid colored 6 strand floss I own. Everything contained in that neat little plastic storage box was in a plastic bag, and I had to rummage through it every time I needed to use floss. While it was fun going through all the colors, it was also frustrating. I wanted to get down to the actual fun part of using embroidery floss – embroidering. Plus, I realized I was wasting time.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was fun watching the colors spill through my fingers, but I’m aging, and I only have so much time left. Plus I have that duality thing going on in my head constantly. Should I be carefree and merrily keep my supplies wherever, or should I be organized and get to the creativity?

Is this a left brain-right brain conflict? I love taking those tests, and end up pretty much in the middle most of the time. Yup, even my brain is sitting on the fence, so it’s no wonder I always see both sides of a problem. Let me tell you, it makes it much harder to ever come to a decision. Just ask my husband. LOL

For now, organization is winning the debate, and I will be showing more completed projects throughout the year.



2 Responses to “Organization is Good”

  1. Nordie Says:

    I solved this problem: by getting rid of all my embroidery stash! I have a pile of Aida left, some threads for, say, the next three things I am realistically going to stitch, and that is pretty much it. I’ve kept some patterns, sure, but I’ll buy the threads and fabric as and when I am likely to stitch it.

    Sooooo much baggage I’ve got rid off. Ok, some financial baggage as well, but I was never using it, so what good is that?

    Meanwhile I know where I am (I’ve recently found out I have *way* too much knitting stash too – that’s another story!) but U feel better, lighter – both financially and emotionally

    • dianemiller Says:

      I rely on what I’ve collected over the years. I consider it a resource, and it saves me oodles of money in having to drive 30 minutes to the closest JoAnns to pick up a craft item, or getting good quality quilting fabric from a quilt store. Yes, I’m sorting and selling some items, after all over 3,000 pounds has left the building LOL, but this year I’m focusing on organizing, and using what I own. It’s making me oh so happy.

      Thank-you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences, and I’m happy you feel better with your solution.

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