Curved or Square?

I signed up for Katie Pasquini Masopust’s online course a couple of weeks ago, and our first assignment is due tomorrow. As usual, I can’t decide on which version to send. That duality gene I possess is acting up again. I’d love to hear from my blog readers which version you like best.

Here is #1

And here is #2

Guess what? I just looked at this post in preview mode, and decided I really like the second version the best, and will send that to Katie. The curved design in the center looks so much better with the curve being repeated in the border.

What do you all think?



4 Responses to “Curved or Square?”

  1. Pam Gonzalez Says:

    The second one for sure. Nice design, I could see that being made in all hand dyed fabrics..

  2. Judy Ferguson Says:

    I like the added curves. It just makes the whole thing unify. Beautiful color too.

  3. Nina-Marie Says:

    ohhh I love curves – where did you take the class?? Katie is great in person too!

    • dianemiller Says:

      This is an online workshop, and runs differently from any online course I’ve ever taken. I’d call it a critique group. We get a lesson, do the work, send a photo, and get a critique from Katie. As stated in her first lesson, she prefers no questions.

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