Joyce’s BAS Blocks

Joyce’s blocks were mailed to Pam today for the last round of stitching.

This the Chain stitch block:
Chain Joyce

This block was pretty full, and I wanted to leave enough room for Pam to do something so I outlined the goldfish with 2 strands of metallic DMC thread, straight stitched around each scale, and added French knot eyes in the center block, then added a little whimsy with a back stitched snail on the bottom left.

And here is the Feather stitch block:

Feather Joyce

It was a lot of fun adding the beaded feather stitch on the right, along with knotted center stem stitch roses with a grey 10/2. The grey was used to tie in with the grey fabric used in the block.

Next is the Fly stitch block:
Fly Joyce

I embroidered a fly stitch anchored with chain stitch instead of a straight stitch using light green Jeans stitch, then spent hours, and I mean hours, weaving some silk ribbon on the left. The ribbon was threaded under a fly stitch, then I raised the ribbon with a blunt needle to form a loop, and anchored it in place with a glass seed bead. Stitch by stitch, loop by loop, bead by bead, up one side of the seam and down the other I went. I do hope you like this seam treatment, Joyce. I like it so much, I’m thinking about using it as a trim on another project.

And now for the Herringbone block with a twisted herringbone lattice stitch in the bottom left corner:

Herringbone Joyce

I thought I was spacing the rows properly, but it got a little wider towards the bottom. The fabric was too fragile to take it out and redo that section, so I’m going to say it was a deliberate attempt to create persepective by going from a narrower to a wider lattice. That’s my story, and I sticking with it. LOL

Stem stitch:

Stem Joyce

Portuguese knotted stem stitch around the center bead – which I made. I’ll post more about that later this week.

And last but not least the Straight stitch block:
Straight Joyce

Raised chain stitch with my snow dyed #5 perle cotton, whipped stitch on lower left, and scattered bugle and seed beads for the straight stitch.

I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture of the Anything Goes Block, but I added a beaded daisy chain stitch to that one.

Whew, that’s a lot of pictures. Don’t forget to click on them so they will enlarge for you. I do so hope Joyce will like what I added to her blocks.



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