Cute Visitor

I’m lucky to live in a beautiful area of Upstate New York, and am constantly entertained by the parade of animals who meander through our property. We’ve lived here for 38 years, and even though we pay the taxes, the animals really own the land.

We’ve put up fences to protect our garden, and planted deer resistant perennials, but the deer are thriving. They leap over any and all fences we’ve tried, and feast on our supposedly deer resistant plantings. Our expensive Asian lilies have been their dessert. We’ve learned to plant day lilies. They leave them alone.

The year I planted hyacinths was equivalent to putting up a welcome sign to the squirrels and voles. Tulips? They went the way of the hyacinths. Daffodils do well, especially the 100 year old double daffodils we got from the foundation around my husband’s grandmother’s home in PA.

But one visitor who has been visiting for the last 4 years doesn’t do any damage, and he is oh so beautiful:
fox face really good

Now isn’t he a handsome fellow? We know it’s the same fox as something happened to his tail. It’s compressed down the length, then fluffs out at the end. No, he doesn’t have mange.

This fellow found a girlfriend a couple of years ago, and we had the joy of seeing his kits play in our back field. We’re hoping he finds another one this year.

No textile talk this post. It is time to reflect upon nature, and enjoy the sun. It is the first day this entire month that we will have a full day of sun.



3 Responses to “Cute Visitor”

  1. Elaine Ross Says:

    We live in the city and I have lost so much to the deer since we moved here. This year my daylilies have been their dessert (as you put it)….chomped right down. I appreciate wildlife, but I am “mourning” my gardens.

  2. Debbie Smith Says:

    Such a beautiful fox family your share your life with. Hope you might get a family photo later in the year to share too! 🙂

  3. Heather P Says:

    What a beautiful fellow!

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