RAFA – April 2013 Meeting and Lesson 2 Piece from Online Course

Last Thursday was our monthly Rochester Area Fiber Artists meeting, and it was a great meeting. Unforunately, most of my pictures didn’t come out, but France’s Cro Magnon photo did:

Frances Cro Magnon

It’s a 3 dimensional piece, and those are palm fronds that had fallen off her plant around the piece. If anybody lives in the Rochester area, I do believe she will will be exhibiting this piece at the upcoming Rochester Gem, Mineral, Jewelry and Fossil Show and Sale.

This is the piece I made from Lesson 2 of Katie Pasquini Masopust’s Online class:


I still have to put the binding on, and I’m not sure if you can see the stacked buttons on the red piece of fabric – which still needs to be stitched down, but I really like the black pathway I created with the different sized button trail. That button trail is a result of trial and error.

All day Monday, I worked through multiple techniques trying to get that look. First I tried deColourant. I used it through a window screen, as a solid circle, then used a circle stencil, and painted little dots of deColourant inside. That didn’t work.

Next I tried making my own screen, and screen printing circles. Didn’t like that.

Then Shiva paintsticks came to mind, and I tried using them with the window screen – which made a royal mess. Then cut a paper stencil, and rubbed the Shiva paintsticks over that. Didn’t like that. Used a paper towel to remove some of the paintstick from the stencil, and it smeared over the fabric, and looked pretty darn good. It wasn’t as heavy handed as when I used the paintstick like a crayon, but it still wasn’t right.

By this time I was getting frustrated, and took a break to do some laundry. Has anybody succeeded in keeping their laundry hamper empty for more than a couple of hours? Please share your secret. I always seem to have laundry waiting to be done.

But I digressed. That little break didn’t help with solving the circle dilemma. The next thing I knew it was midnight, and time to go to bed, but while waiting for my turn for the bathroom sink, I walked into my sewing studio, looked at the work in progress and thought, “What about buttons?” The rest is history. 😉

I can’t wait to get the critique from Katie about this piece.



One Response to “RAFA – April 2013 Meeting and Lesson 2 Piece from Online Course”

  1. Judy Warner Says:

    Looking forward to when I will be in town for a meeting!

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